Floating Action Button

Material Design based Floating Action Button compatible with Bootstrap 4

Floating Action Button(FAB) is the circular button that floats above the UI and is “used for a promoted action”. It acts as call to action button, meant to represent the single action users perform the most on that particular screen.

The floating action button animates onto the screen as an expanding piece of material, by default. The icon within it may be animated.

Floating Action Button (FAB)

Floating Action Buttons also known as FAB buttons are used to display frequently used actions.

Include FAB Button to the code by adding .pmd-btn-fab.


Raised Floating Action Button

Include Raised Floating Action Button to the code by adding .pmd-btn-fab .pmd-btn-raised.


Flat Floating Action Button

Include Flat FAB Button to the code by adding .pmd-btn-fab .pmd-btn-flat.


Outline Floating Action Button

Include Outline FAB Button to the code by adding .pmd-btn-fab with .btn-outline-*.


Floating Action Button Sizes

Add .btn-lg, .btn-sm for additional sizes in Floating Action Buttons.

Large Button
Small Button


Floating Action Button with Menu

The floating action button can transform into sheets of material that are part of the app structure. This dramatic transformation accentuates the action the button enables. Wrap all the links with a div containing classes .menu and .pmd-floating-action and add class .pmd-floating-action-btn to each and every links.